The Client is a fun pizza comparison tool that aims to help users decide which pizza size has the best value for money, based on price, size, and price per square inch or square cm. It’s worth to note that the project is of our own, developed and maintained by Klaudio

Work we did: SEO Web Development

Visit comparepizzasizes.comOnline Calculator
I focused my attention to detail on the user and it seems that this little project has already received positive feedback.

The Challenge

A fun little project to help users get more value out of each pizza slice and bite.

We created the site in simple HTML and JavaScript, featuring radio buttons that allow the user to switch from inches to centimeters or more advanced features.

  • Web Development
  • SEO Strategy and Optimization

The Results

The project just went online, so there’s no metrics yet apart from the fast development time. In addition, this is a fun size-project to showcase our fast turnaround times. Check back on this page because soon we plan on updating it with metrics from the project.

Do you want similar results for your business?

Do you want similar results for your business?

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