The Client is a multi user platform built to offer entertainment services by giving the subscriber the option to publish his own articles or stream his radio show. The registration process is very easy and the platform includes community oriented tools. The website also offers advertisement possibility for internal or external participants.

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The Pame Digital team organized and built my own Webradio website and I am totally satisfied from our cooperation. Their consistency, patience and professionalism made a great impression on me! When someone is starting to build their personal website, the doubts can be many and the uncertainty regarding decisions can be high. But throughout this process I felt safe and well supported by the team. Thank you!

The Challenge

The Enostalgia team reached out to us directly, in order to design and develop a playful, interactive and eye-catching website to effectively portray their idea. Users needed to connect in a community manner and use entertainment tools such as blog editing and radio online console in order to communicate their artistic ideas.

  • Community Platform
  • Speed Optimization
  • Custom WordPress Design
  • Interactive UI

The Results

We created a complex multi language website according to client’s decisions with integrated possibilities for the end user to write articles or make radio shows. The website was specialized in smoothly radio streaming & magazine content in a detailed way with innovative technologies that we had to use such as static & dynamic caching system, Google advertisements, optimization of images and many more.

UX Optimization
Social Media Marketing
Custom WordPress Development

Do you want similar results for your business?

Do you want similar results for your business?

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