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At Pame Digital we are working within the subject of e-commerce and web design, offering custom-made web solutions, from the very beginning to the last and final result of a website.

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and pay only 💰 for what you really need.

and pay only 💰 for what you really need.

What is our strategy on creating or improving websites?

A professional website will help you not only to stand out from the competition but attract new customers, whether it’s online or offline. Speak with Lefteris at Pame Digital in order to get a free consultation.

The way we shop online has changed dramatically in recent years, and so has the way we need to manage our inventory. Websites or online shops are the new storefronts, and customers expect a modern, streamlined experience. A CMS, such as WordPress, is designed to make it easy for customers to find what they need and order it quickly, while also providing a way for businesses to keep track of their inventory.

Why You Should Use CMS for Your Website

WooCommerce, an intuitive interface that makes it easy for both store owners and customers to use

WooCommerce can be used to sell a wide range of products, from physical goods to digital downloads, making it a versatile platform for businesses of all types and sizes. In addition, WooCommerce is highly customizable, with a range of extensions and integrations that allow you to tailor it to your specific needs and requirements.

Webdesign Strategy

Let’s Make Things Happen

Our own goal is to provide you a web design with a unique presence while taking into account the needs and profile of your business. We do this by implementing the right design that will work for you while also setting you above other business competitors. Our first concern is to create your website in a timely manner with the use of WordPress, one of the best content management systems out there, after receiving guidance and information from you regarding what you specifically want to demonstrate and how.

technology web

Although we think that appearance is crucial to the design of a website, we also believe that usability or functionality are very important aspects. Both skilled and novice users should be able to navigate a proper web page. Building your website is a top priority for us at Pame Digital since we want the finest results for you!

Our web design framework

  • HTML5 / CSS3
  • WordPress
  • JavaScript
  • WordPress Multi-Site
  • PHP
  • Wix
  • Web Builders
  • Sublime
  • Bootstrap
  • Webflow
  • Adobe Creative Suite
  • Responsive Design

Here’s why we should work together

You will be working with Lefteris. Skilled web designer that has been also working as a freelancer many times. The day-to-day duties of him might include:

  • Designing website layouts, templates, and navigation tailored to your needs.
  • Designing the interface that will help drive leads for you.
  • Discussing the interface design options with you.
  • Working with graphics and optimizing your images.
  • Ensuring that your webpages are compatible with desktop, tablet, and mobile platforms.
  • Producing design features that can be used in your social media and other marketing channels.
  • Maintaining and updating your website.

Ready to Built Your Website?

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Price from

400€ *

The design is based on ready drafts to which we adapt the logo and the colors of the company.

What is included?

  • Home page with slider – banner
    Alternating images and texts

  • Responsive
    Automatically adapt to all devices

  • Pages
    Home – About – Contact Form and 2 more pages

  • Menu according to the template
    One level

  • Footer & Copyright
    With the GDPR pages (texts provided by you)

  • Basic plugins
    For the proper functionality of the website

  • Design in compliance with all basic Google & W3C specifications


Price from

750€ *

The design is made according to customer’s instructions with basic directions and information (colors, functions, possible keywords…)

What is included?

  • Everything from the Basic Pack
  • Draft (mockup)
    Preparing a draft with our design that will form the basis for comments & changes to be made until its final form

  • Text formatting
    Lists, modules shortcodes…

  • Images & Illustrations
    Free licensed

  • Images Optimization
    Optimization of photos & illustrations for search engines-(Alt tags)

  • Multilevel Menu or Megamenu
  • Improved Contact Form
    With Google reCaptcha & acceptance of terms of use

  • Page Optimization for Search Engines (Basic)
    For basic first level pages

  • Backups
    Organize locally or send to Dropbox, Google Drive or other accounts…

  • Web site speed optimization
    Basic settings

  • Sitemap registration in Google


Price from

940€ *

Complete proposal for a properly designed and developed web site.

What is included?

  • All of Intermediate Pack
  • Optimization of pages for search engines
    Different keywords for each basic first level page

  • Redirect urls in case of existing web site
    Redirecting old pages to new ones without losing Google Indexing & rank

  • Facebook page creation or setup
  • Newsletters
    Create a Mailchimp account and set up to send newsletters

  • 2nd language infrastructure
    Translation not included

  • Google Local Business creation or setup and validation

Are you still not sure which package is the right one for you? Get in touch with us.