Web Design at affordable prices

Web Design at affordable prices

We build professional websites that help you achieve your goal

At pame digital, we understand that creating a new website can be difficult, especially if you’re unfamiliar with the technical aspects. That’s why we’re here to make the process as simple and stress-free as possible.

We believe that every business deserves a website that not only looks great but also functions seamlessly.

It’s our unique approach that sets us apart from other service providers. You can expect a website that exceeds your expectations when we deliver your project. Our focus is always on showing results, so you can be confident that your website will satisfy users’ needs, be SEO friendly, and ultimately, help you achieve your business objectives.

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We are freelancers turned into a digital agency to help businesses unlock the true potential of growth through Web and SEO services.

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How can our SEO services help you?

The web is a huge space so if you want your customers to find you online on search engines such as Google – you have to put in the work — just like your competition does. And if you want to overtake them, we can help you with that by providing bespoke SEO services that match your business objectives.

Your Questions Answered

No, you don’t need specific experience. We’ll build your website with a platform (CMS) that supports easy management, such as WordPress.

That depends on your request since our pricing structure is based upon complexity and scale. A very simple creation of a website begins at just 400 € + tax.

A simple web design has a homepage and a few other pages, including an “about us” page, a “services” page, a contact form, etc. Prices rise with complexity, creative components, and number of pages. Note that graphics are not included.

Yes but if you don’t have one we can assist you in registering one. If you already have a domain name, you can point it to us or transfer it to us so that it can be implemented with your website. If you didn’t understand the last part, you’ll need a developer or we can handle it for you.

In most cases, yes. That depends on the hosting plan that you have. If you don’t have, ask us to help. We can provide you with a complete solution.

The amount of time to build a website depends on the complexity requests from your side. We usually complete the website within 4 working weeks.

At pame digital we charge anywhere between 500€ – 5 000€ per month per website for SEO.

The price of SEO services depends on factors like

  • size of the website
  • the competition and industry
  • the amount of hours that is required to rank your website

Yes but that is a complicated question and not related to web design. Web design is not SEO that is why we strongly suggest you benefit from our SEO services.

Yes, the sites we build are initially created with the best practices in mind. Things such as clean code, speed, performance and SEO best practices are implemented.

It is important to choose an SEO Agency that is a good fit for you and your company. But at the same time you also need to be wary of the SEO companies that promise you a first position on Google. Position one on Google cannot be guaranted by anyone. So pay attention to realistic claims. That’s how you spot a good SEO agency.

Client testimonials

The Pame Digital team organized and built my own Webradio website and I am totally satisfied from our cooperation. Their consistency, patience and professionalism made a great impression on me! When someone is starting to build their personal website, the doubts can be many and the uncertainty regarding decisions can be high. But throughout this process I felt safe and well supported by the team. Thank you!
Νίκος Τζοβάρας, enostalgia.gr
I’ve had the opportunity to work with Lefteris and Klaudio countless times in regard to my website and its maintenance. Since I have no knowledge about PHP errors, critical issues, plugin update failures or fast and effective page creation, I’ve always turned to them and the problems was fixed immediately. They work in synchrony and know from the first minute what could be the solution of my problem. I highly recommend their services. They are fair, reliable, effective and always kind.
Tanya Roydeva, purelytanya.com
I would like to thank Pame Digital for the excellent service and the high quality standards they have, when i asked their support for improving my website’s functionality. I have been working with them on my business since February 2021 and i couldn’t be more satisfied with how things have gone so far. They are always realistic with setting goals. By far the best digital agency in Prague that i have worked with. Pame Digital is a true pioneer in the field of new technologies.
Alex Gurau, alexgurau.com

The Pame Digital team stood by our side as an excellent partner and supporter for the development of this wonderful site with consistency and patience! We thank them very much!

Ελένη Μανιτάκη, kitharodos.gr

Get the website you need to succeed.

Get the website you need to succeed.

If you don’t have a website, you’re losing out on potential customers who are looking for businesses like yours online. And if you have an outdated website, you could be driving away even more customers. A professional website design can help you attract more clients and grow your business.

Website Design Features:

  • Content management system

  • Database integration

  • Site search

  • WordPress maintenance

  • Mobile version (iPhone, Android and other mobile devices)

  • Web Hosting Services

  • Photo slideshows

  • Social media integration (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, etc.)

  • And lots more…

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