The Client

Bitcoincashback. gr is an innovative Cashback platform that runs on affiliate partnerships on the Greek market. The main target of their services is Cashback but with a focus on giving users back a part of their shopping — in bitcoin.

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It's not easy to realise a complex project like this one but the people at Pame Digital came through. We were happy to work with them.

The Challenge

The client was in need of a complex Cashback website that was able to automatize the creation of hundreds of pages with multiple criteria. On top of that, we needed to take into consideration the reward system, which was the first one on the market — Fiat currency to BTC. A complex backend work on code was done in order to meet their expectations and satisfy user needs.

  • Custom WordPress Design
  • UX & Speed Optimization
  • SEO Best Practices

The Results

The Client was able to successfully launch the Bitcoin Cashback platform within months and start monetizing it. Due to a couple of reasons, such as time and budget, and because the vertical of bitcoin is too niche on the market, the main focus of user acquisition lies via closed communities and direct email campaigns. For that reason, SEO was not a big part of the strategy at the moment of the launch of the portal.

Custom WordPress Development
UX Optimization
Met Client Expectations

Do you want similar results for your business?

Do you want similar results for your business?

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